Laguna Beach is well known for its summer festivals and love for the arts.  One of my favorite events in Laguna Beach is the Sawdust Festival, it has been held during summer and winter seasons since 1967.  At the festival, local Laguna Beach artists feature their welding sculptures, handmade jewelry, glass blowing, and so much more.  I personally love buying ceramics there for the succulents I have scattered around my house.  My favorite part about the festival is watching my children create their own ceramic vases and cups.  They both look forward to using the pottery wheel and their creativity to make something for themselves.



The Pageant of the Masters at The Festival of Arts is a one of kind production featuring the life-sized re-creations of world-famous artwork.  Over 500 volunteers from Laguna Beach and surrounding cities come together to make this performance possible, volunteers pose on stage to look exactly like famous paintings, sculptures and other works of art.  It is simply breathtaking.


absolutely love Music in the Park, which takes place at Bluebird Park every Sunday evening during summer.  The whole community sings and dances at the free concerts where tribute bands like The Beach Boys come to play.  I always enjoy setting up a picnic for my family and I before the concert so that we get an awesome view of the stage.



One of the things that makes Laguna Beach truly beautiful and unique is its art in public spaces.  More than 100 pieces of art are scattered around town on display.  The artwork truly reflects the city and its heritage as an artist colony founded in the early 20th century.


Laguna Beach is a mecca for artists and today boasts more than 100 art galleries and artist studios.  While it’s hard to pick just one favorite gallery, I absolutely love walking in the National Geographic fine art gallery.  To see such stunning landscape and wildlife photography on oversized canvas is both breathtaking and emotional.  I also love that a large portion of their proceeds go to wildlife and conservation.


At any festival or gallery in Laguna Beach I know I will have a fantastic time with my family, and be in awe of how much talent and hard work is invested into making each one so amazing.


I would love to hear your favorite Laguna Beach festivals, galleries and works of art.